Monday, June 24, 2019

Analysis Movie Amadeus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Analysis Movie Amadeus - Essay ExampleAmadeus tells the story of the huge musician, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It is narrated by his rival, Antonio Salieri. His story is a flashback to the events of his acquaintance with the young prodigy who was well-spoken of in the field of music. Mozart was considered a genius, performing in the presence of kings, emperors and the pope while Salieri was still playing common games with his equally pauper friends. As Salieri grew, he became more and more passionate with music but his father did not share the very(prenominal) dreams that he had. Fortunately, at least for the young Salieri, his father died and as fate would have it, the orphan was adopted and educated in Vienna, rising to the position of motor lodge composer.Salieri first encounters his mischievous contender at a performance for the prince archbishop of Salzburg where Salieri finds out that his rival is actually an immature and reckless person. His contention towards the young musi cian grew stronger as the two are finally formally introduced in the emperors palace. Salieri, the court composer produced a marching piece for Mozarts entrance as he was invited to the palace. Later, Mozart plays it without a copy and even suggests some revisions for the music in front of the emperor and his guests. This starts Salieris jealousy toward Mozart and his enmity with God. He then uses his position to limit the emperor and other officials of the court in order to stagnate Mozarts career.Consequently, Mozart and his family suffered financially and the musician slowly became a drunkard. Mozarts depression further worsen when his father died and his health deteriorated. With his vice and financial troubles, Mozarts wife, Constance, finally leaves with their son. The genius still continued with his works but his health progressively worsened until he finally collapsed during his last opera. Salieri was there to

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